Welcome to the Georgia Center for OCD and Anxiety.

Living with OCD, anxiety, panic, or any other anxiety related disorder - is a struggle.

A daily battle, a minute to minute fight, a toss and turn “why can’t I turn my brain off” – special kind of torture. Being held captive in your own mind, with thoughts racing, heart thumping, and wanting to bolt. Feeling like you can’t trust your brain, your decisions, your abilities. Worrying about, well everything, and nothing at the same time. Fretting that if others knew your thoughts, they would think you were “crazy”. You just want it all to stop, for your mind to just be quiet, but everything you try, seems to fall short. Which just makes it all worse.

We can show you a new way.

An innovative approach, a proven way to fight back and prevail. Ways to achieve a sense of accomplishment, a growing confidence. Courage-building treatment teaching empowerment in the face of anxiety.
No more trying to just make it day-to-day, but truly living.

We can help you learn your own strength and know it is stronger than your fear.

Meet with us and see what is possible.


At the Georgia Center for OCD & Anxiety we endeavor to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other dimension of diversity.

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